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The once "King of Porn" John Holmes, now a disheveled, limping mess, led three desperate men up a flight of concrete steps to kill everyone they encountered. On July 1, 1981, around three in the morning, they reached the iron security gate of the two-story house on Wonderland Drive, a dingy, pale structure the color of faded mustard.

Bad Eddie and Other No Good People


Susan would confide how her mind "reeled with pictures . . ." How she was impelled to drink of the spilled blood - to take her fill of it like a vampire. She would later describe the feeling of beautiful Sharon Tate's blood on her hands. "It was slick and I brought my hand to my face and I could smell the blood.

The Unholy Trail of Charlie and the Family

New Cover

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The grisly 1947 murder of aspiring starlet and nightclub habitué Elizabeth Short, known even before her death as the "Black Dahlia," has over the decades transmogrified from LA's crime of the century to an almost mythical symbol of Hollywood Babylon/film noir glamour- cum-sordidness.

Severed:  The True Story of
the Black Dahlia

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